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These feature wheels from 7 to 10 inches, and owners can customize colors. Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro notes these are so much more advanced than larger vehicles.

Good Smoking, Evil Smoking

Segways are not as smooth as these are. It takes a break out of just playing football. Sometimes you just want to ride. My feet hurt right now. Titans linebacker Brian Orakpo got his board as birthday gift from his wife at the beginning of training camp.

Skyboard craze sweeps NFL locker rooms – Silicon Valley

We ride it to meetings, we ride it to lunch, breakfast, something to get off our feet man because we stay on these feet all the time, so this is a great invention to kind of get us off our feet for the time being. Being an athlete certainly helps with riding these boards. Vikings wide receiver Cordarelle Patterson, who rode his around training camp, said he was comfortable from the start. Serious balance is required to make the board move pushing the foot or ankle forward.

That felt a little too risky.

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The hardest thing is getting on it and off it. Then she left. Her reman scowled, climbing out of the creaky bed with curiosity. Was she finally going to tell him something? Jarvis had been mysterious since the day they'd met, but at first Tarek had assumed it was because he was also withholding information. The truth was that Tarek didn't remember his past, he'd been hit on the head at the age of thirteen so hard that it had erased his entire childhood.

With nothing to tell, he'd pretended he didn't want to talk about it. She on the other hand had secrets in her midnight black eyes, deep things that flowed and connected without a sound in the underground tunnels of Jelka base, moving at her command. She was running an operation and had been for years. It irritated him somewhat that after all the years of flying and fighting together, all the blood they'd shared, she still couldn't quite trust him with everything.

She waited for him on the edge of the roof, staring upward at the star-bright sky with a newly lit cig in one hand. For once her mirrored perfectly round goggles hung around her neck, revealing wary dark eyes that had gained a permanent squint against the sun. The goggles were some kind of Oldage artifact that had optical enhancers in them, so she usually wore them even in the dark. Tarek knew they had another purpose as well; she was for some reason always trying to disguise her features. He sat down on the low wall at the edge of the roof, slouched, with raised brows.

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The tattered, dusty old black coat he always wore fluttered in the cool breezes. It was cute. She'd taken up skycasting as a hobby a long time ago and was often seen staring at the sky. When he got no response Tarek pressed the issue. He's killed in cold blood. I watched him do it once. He caught me and another guy, an old glare that was helping me, stealing from his supplies.

We had to, we were starving.

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I didn't know the old glare very well, but he'd told me he knew the way in and the way out. He'd stolen from him many times. This time he didn't get away with it. Griffin caught us both. His superiors, without comment, make a point of having his assigned seat at any given meeting be below the return vent for the ventilation systems, which he takes as a tacit acceptance of the practice. The character Halloween smokes cloves in Idlewild as part of his teenage rebellion. He is very cool. The character Pandora also smokes cloves, presumably for the same reason, perhaps because she loves Halloween and wants to share something with him.

The James Bond novels ditch all the smoking tropes here. Good guys smoke, bad guys don't. If the bad guy does smoke, it's invariably cheap, low quality cigarettes. Bond himself smokes as an indicator of how little he cares about anything. He knows he's hurting himself by doing it, he just doesn't care. In Johannes Cabal the Detective Johannes says he only smokes to be anti-social, while the villain Count Marechal is constantly smoking-with Cabal thinking to himself 'I'm at the mercy of a demented chain smoker. Kinky Friedman smokes cigars but badass may not be the best way to describe him.

In The Lord of the Rings , smoking is not an indicator of good or evil but of culture, as smoking is not universally known or done. Elves do not smoke, and in the Southern human lands it is unknown. The actual smoking is done by pipe, and in the recreational-at-rest rather than the chain-smoking way. The hobbits are quite proud of the fact that, although they were not the first to cultivate pipe-weed, they can lay claim to the idea of smoking it.

Saruman is also a smoker, secretly picking it up after having seen Gandalf smoke, although in the open he ridiculed him for it. The idea of soothing herbs completely missed him.

In the Newsflesh -verse, smoking is back in vogue, more-or-less. It can no longer cause cancer thanks to the Man Made Plague , but it can still cause emphysema. So people smoking is no indication of their morality one way or the other. Peter Pan : Captain Hook is fond of cigars, and has a holder that lets him smoke two at once. Sherlock Holmes smokes a pipe in most adaptations of his story. Probably because the fact that he also used cocaine in the books made it a case of choosing the lesser evil.

He also smokes cigarettes in the original stories, but that detail rarely makes it into other adaptations, probably at least in part because of the prominence of this trope. In The Stainless Steel Rat , the protagonist smokes cigars. He used to have an alternate persona used to actually commit crimes which smoked cigarettes. In The Thrawn Trilogy , a well-known ship thief named Niles Ferrier smokes carabbaba tabac cigarras - think small cigar with beige smoke - and the smell of carabbaba tabac smoke is something various characters use to pinpoint the man's location.

He's scum. The heroes use him, and Thrawn pays him to do various things, but no one likes him and it's not hard to see why. Possibly only when he was young. He calls it a disgusting habit, and persists all the same one of the people whose brains he ate was a smoker so he ended up addicted.

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In Galaxy of Fear he actually uses his smoking as an alibi, pointing to the amount of ash in his living area as a sign that he couldn't have been out murdering people. Vorkosigan Saga : In Shards of Honor , Cordelia's creepy psychotherapist Dr Mehta lights up at the start of a therapy session — though she doesn't inhale because the smoke is actually a truth drug. In The Warrior's Apprentice , Baz has to pretend he's a Drill Sergeant Nasty type, and insists that he can only do this if he has a cigar as a prop, since the man he's modelling his performance on was a Cigar Chomper.

The Wheel of Time : Pipe smoking is a pastime of the heroes and many of their allies and of the author , and the Arcadian Two Rivers region from which the protagonists hail grows what's generally agreed to be the world's finest " tabac ". Live-Action TV.