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How would you state when asked the question what are your hobbies or interests? I find that I am more tuned into seeing the cloud pareidolia at the oddest times. Never knew it had a name till today. I have a series of photos of a face moving high across the ocean, I watch it travel then fade into the other clouds, a dear friend passed later that day. When mother passed in April it was a rabbit lying on its back, feet up, laughing at a butterfly above it.

Her nickname in childhood was Bunny. Life in the clouds..

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Thanks for your response. Could you please give me some scripture references? Blessing to you —. Looks like knowledge of the scriptures would be helpful in understanding that many images in the skies are actually real images.

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Yes angels are real, yes, they can be seen. I think our brains are programmed to see faces. Wish I could post a picture of this. I was burning of a piece of cedar in firepit and there was an image of a dog.

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  8. Very interesting. Fruits nuts berry all lifelong. Eat a peach bend over plant the seed eat another peach one day…basics…ha.

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    Thank goodness for this article,I thought I was crazy! See things on the clouds all the time,so funny.

    Where it gets odd is the fact that I took a photo on my phone and it is a proper face and everyone I show it to can see it. Explain please. This is one fantastic articale. I personally see many different shapes in all types of places and things like rocks. I can see an owl wearing glasses and landing with wings fully expanded in the middle top pic of Pluto. Thank you so much for the cool info on pareidolia.

    Thank you for this article. I have seen images in all kinds of things all of my life. I have often wondered if anyone else did this. I hung a curtain over the window of my front door. When I look at it I see a mouse wearing a bonnet. Neither picture is printed on it, just a swirl of shades of blues and tans. I look forward to hearing from you. Very cool article. Lots of great info! Pluto does look like it has a heart! Have a great day! You cracked me up with the smiley electrical sockets, Amber.

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    Do glider pilots dream of electric varios and puffy clouds?

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    Where to See Pareidolia Pareidolia pops up everywhere — in clouds, tree bark, among clustered leaves, on a piece of toast, in a bowl of cereal, or anywhere else. Photo by ClassicalAstronomy. Amber Kanuckel is a freelance writer from rural Ohio who loves all things outdoors.

    She specializes in home, garden, environmental and green living topics. Her article on woolly worm caterpillar folklore appears in the Farmers' Almanac. I saw two images of 2 human clouds and a shape of a horse it was amazing. Would you say Cloud Pareidolia?

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    Seen in a dream bright clouds predict a favorable experience with the opposite sex. If you see sun breaking through the clouds, it means that you will experience easier financial times. Black clouds, which are gathering, passing low over the ground, and among which bright lightning flashes, can promise the dreamer anger about the current situation.

    Bluish-gray clouds in a dream suggest that the human soul needs to clarify some questions, which became anxious recently. White clouds floating high in the blue sky portend clarification of difficulties and awareness of important ideas and contentment. If you see the dream that clouds pass quickly, it indicates that problems will be solved soon; and if you see that heavy clouds are hanging over you, it portends long-lasting troubles.

    Clouds in a dream reflect an emotional downpour in life.

    Dreaming of White Fluffy Clouds and Green Fields

    Toxic or poisonous clouds in a dream portend an unhealthy mental state, a disorder of the relationships and career. The meaning of this dream also depends on the details and what is happening with clouds. Darkening clouds predict grief over a broken friendship; and light clouds floating through the sky, which change its shape, promise better times in family life and work. All you need to know about your night dreams. Horoscope on October Y - Tips on how to survive a sleepless night and a day after.

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