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Hari-Sukhmani and Punjabi folk lure

Besides these two resident potters, other artisans and artistes are also welcomed for a temporary period. The day we visited, there was a woman from Rajasthan shaping bangles out of lac an alloy used to create colourful bangles. One saw an enthusiastic young girl interacting with the woman, understanding her craft, and realising what it takes to shape a Rs 20 bangle out of piping hot iron stick.

There was also a group of teenagers, their shoes and jackets forgotten on the sofa, muddying their hands with clay as they learnt how to model a pot. It took me a lot of practice when I learnt the art from my father.

Folk Lure / Mean Mary / Florida Folk Festival 2007

The artisans have adapted to the times and, instead of restricting themselves to everyday household pots, are creating home decor products commonly found on the shelves of lifestyle stores. While everything else seems to be going in the right direction here, one only feels a proper channel should be worked out to get more deserving candidates for the residency programme. Maybe, the fair next month could be used to spread awareness among participating artists.

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