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A Slovenian -born Italian basketball player with a similar problem. American society leader, philanthropist, patron and collector of the arts, and one of the most respected women in Texas during the 20th century. Leone Sextus Tollemache. List of examples of Stigler's law. List of people with reduplicated names.

Pro-Life politician. A committee in Iceland that determines whether a name is suitable for integration into the Icelandic language. Apparently voted yes about themselves. A warning to us all about taking double-barrelled surnames too far Roger Fuckebythenavele. A Confederate general during the American Civil War.

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Thursday October Christian I. The son of Fletcher Christian , leader of the mutiny on the Bounty. Despite not being Japanese or a sperm whale , he has control over the global diamond industry. Hubert Blaine Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Sr. Can ancient pottery be used to play back recorded voices from the distant past? Buttered toast phenomenon.

Buttered cat paradox. Russian girl who claims to have X-ray vision. Drake's Plate of Brass. A forgery -related practical joke that went horribly awry.

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A taxon species, genus, family, etc. Further research is needed. Some researchers are researching its effects, but FRIN Gilbert U Atomic Energy Laboratory. You may have had a chemistry set when you were a child. I bet it didn't come with radioactive substances in the box. Leaping Lazarus! Somewhat like Monty Python 's Dead Parrot , it's not really dead, it's just resting.

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List of Ig Nobel Prize winners. Nobel Prize meets Weird Science.

A parody of science that purports to study what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics. Pathological science.

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A pejorative term for scientific ideas that will simply not "go away", long after they are given up on as wrong by the majority of scientists in the field. Physicist Alan Sokal demonstrates that at least some postmodernists can't see an emperor with no clothes. A phenomenon found in psychological and sociological research which suggests that people associate more positive attributes with the general social category of women compared to men.

Including white , pink , purple, blue A year-old, known as the Radioactive Boy Scout , who irradiated his back yard attempting to build a nuclear breeder reactor from spare parts.

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A two-time radioactive killer. Fictional elements, isotopes and atomic particles. A phenomenon involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency noise of a humming character and unknown origin, not audible to all people, reported in various geographical locations. A serious piece of scientific apparatus whose name has induced sniggering among English-speaking schoolchildren for over years. List of unusual units of measurement.

An alternative theory of integrated circuits : once the smoke is released they no longer work. Something in the lab not working? Technical difficulties? Blame this guy. Quantum suicide and immortality. What happens when you blow in a hole in a tube? Hot air comes out one end and cold air comes out the other. No consensus reached on why it happens yet. A strange unit of distance used to measure the Harvard Bridge. Sound of fingernails scraping chalkboard. Does a mystery sound from the bottom of the sea indicate that Cthulhu may awake? Flat Earth Society.

Snow in Florida. List of unexplained sounds. Mumbai "sweet" seawater incident. Red rain in Kerala. South-up map orientation. The crew of Apollo 17 snapped Earth with Antarctica on top. NASA followed Ptolemy and rotated it "back". An ill-fated attempt to reach the North Pole in An unlucky park ranger who was hit by lightning on seven separate occasions. He survived them all, but came to his own tragic end.

A recently discovered mineral that forms from bird feces. Dihydrogen monoxide.


A commonly used chemical that can be deadly to all forms of plant and animal life, contributing to global warming , erosion , acid rain , torture and countless other maladies. List of chemical compounds with unusual names.

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  7. Some a consequence of their constituents or origins, others simply the work of whimsical chemists. A day in celebration of Avogadro's number , 6.

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    Thomas Midgley, Jr. A term used to describe any material with properties that are unlikely or impossible for any real material to possess. Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster.

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    • Gastroenterology: Eosinophilic Disorders (Audio-Digest Foundation Gastroenterology Continuing Medical Education (CME). Book 24).
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    Embryo space colonization. Extraterrestrial real estate. A small statuette which is the only sculpture on the Moon. Hot, dust-obscured galaxies. List of hypothetical Solar System objects. The planets that could have been.